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The Everyday Inventions series clearly explains and explores the history, inventors, and inner workings of everyday marvels. Young readers will discover a world of invention through full-color photographs and engaging, easy-to-read text. A graphic timeline and helpful diagrams clarify and provide quick access to important information that is ideal for research and reports.

This book introduces the history of the invention of cameras, including early artists’ use of the camera obscura, Johan Heinrich Schulze’s use of silver salts, inventing ways to make photographic images permanent, Joseph-Nicéphore Niepce and the first photograph, Louis-Jacque-Mandé Daguerre’s daguerreotype, William Henry Fox Talbot’s talbotype, George Eastman’s roll film and portable Kodak cameras, Oskar Barnack’s handheld Leica, Paul Vierkotter’s camera flash, Harold Edgerton’s stroboscopic flash, Edwin Herbert Land’s instant camera, Steven Sasson and the first digital camera, and cell phone cameras. Other chapters delve into camera parts, from the light-tight body to lenses and viewfinders, as well as how these parts work together to make a camera work, from framing a shot to how images form on film or a charge-coupled device. Other sections cover different kinds of cameras and photography, including daguerreotypes, the Kodak box camera, the Brownie, the Polaroid Land Camera, camcorders, and digital cameras, as well as the professional photographers, teachers, salespeople, film developers, and repair specialists who work with cameras. Fun facts discuss French photographer Nadar and the first aerial photograph, Mathew Brady’s coverage of the American Civil War, and Eadweard Muybridge’s photographs of a running horse. Full-color photographs, informative diagrams, glossary words in bold, a graphic timeline, and an index enhance this engaging, easy-to-read text about cameras, an everyday invention that has changed the way we look at the world.

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