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Sarah, a wanderlust was living a happy life full of dreams to travel the world until she receives news that she is suffering from a rare disease and her eyesight will be gone in six months. It’s too late for any treatment. She doesn’t know what to do? She decides to jump off a bridge to end her life, after all how can she live a life without being able to see anything, but someone tackles Sarah to the ground.
Aarav is a life-coach by profession and has no idea why Sarah was attempting to commit suicide. This interesting meeting gives birth to instant infatuation between the two which makes both gradually fall in love. Sarah doesn’t have a choice as she can’t live with him but can’t live without him either. She is scared as Aarav is still unaware of Sarah’s disease. But this is something that can’t be kept hidden for a long time! What will happen when Aarav will come to know about Sarah’s reality? And what about Sarah’s dreams? Read Dreamcatcher to know more.


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