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‘Ignore the Heart and Listen to Your Mind’ is the popular belief. Easier said than done!
Man is a social and emotional creature. Be it the professional or the personal sphere, emotions are the driving force behind all our thinking, behaviour and actions.
The problem is that we are the product of a dysfunctional society that teaches us to be ashamed and afraid of our feelings and trains us to suppress not express.
Emotions that are not felt and dealt with, use a lot of our vital energy and create a sea of unhappiness in our lives. The more we ignore and run away from them, the bigger they get and take us further away from happiness. In fact, our happiness quotient depends on how well we understand our emotions and how effectively we deal with them. Not being afraid of our feelings and taking responsibility for them is the first step towards happiness. The body and the psyche are major concerns while dealing with the situation. The clearer we are about why we are feeling the way we are feeling, the happier and healthier we will be—both physically and mentally.
This book will help Feel, Deal and Heal your mind, your heart and your feelings and show you how to learn to be happy!!


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