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One Word Substitutions is a kind of a reverse dictionary. It intends to help
aspirants of various competitive and recruitment examinations as a
Valuable Helping and Learning Aid. Moreover, the knowledge of these
words will also help the students and learners of English to enhance their
writing, speaking and reading skills.
One Word Substitutions questions are asked in to evaluate the students'
command over English vocabulary. The questions on the basis of this ask
the students to answer by writing a single word which can be used
appropriately in place of the given description.
The book comprises of more than 2100 One Word Substitutes arranged in
alphabetical order for easy reference and Previous Years’ Questions up to
2018 as well. To test proficiency level, structured exercises have been
given. Knowledge of one word substitutions will help aspirants not only in
scoring well in exams but also in achieving excellent proficiency in English
language. The present book is a fairly good collection of one word
substitutes. Though it is not an exhaustive list, it is certainly an honest
effort to explain highly useful words.


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