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The Connection

Louis L. Hay, in his self-improvement book ‘You Can Heal Your Life’ emphasizes on how interconnected the human mind and body is. How you treat one, leaves an impact on the other. According to Hay, bodily diseases and poor physical health is mostly not caused by external factors, as per conventional medical practitioners. It elaborates on how negative thinking can act as a blockage and these blockages can adversely affect our physical health.

What The Book talks about

The book explores next-gen solutions to physical problems of humans; it believes that spirituality will be able to solve human diseases without any assistance from external factors. Hay talks about the mutual law of attraction and how it works in the entire universe such that positivity begets positivity. And the vice versa is also true!

Stress and lack of emotional fulfilment can implant negative blockages in the mind of a person. The author also talks about what kind of emotional pattern results in which kind of physical disease; and hence provides solutions to be able to get out of the pattern that has been affecting a person’s general health.

About the Author

Louis Lynn Hay, born on October 8th, 1926 is a motivational speaker and author of self-improvement books. She had herself been afflicted with cancer and claims how she treated herself by identifying the metaphysical causes and using unconventional ways to treat her ailment. She is the founder of the Hay House and her first book was released in 1976 under the title of Heal Your Life.

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